Our Services

Gait & Balance Retraining


Individualised programs containing a series of balance and strengthening exercises that can be completed in your own home to help prevent falls and maintain your independence in the community 

Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy


Through evidence-based practice, physiotherapy can be successful in treating your muscle and joint injuries/conditions, to help manage and reduce your pain and dysfunction through exercise, manual therapy and education

Pre / Post Operative Joint Rehabilitation


Prehabilitation before a major joint operation is just as important as Rehabilitation after the procedure. 

Rehabilitation & Reconditioning


Slow stream rehabilitation programs designed specifically for the elderly population. Our rehabilitation and reconditioning programs are always individualised with specific rehabilitation goals. We place a strong focus on exercise and education to help you regain movement, strength and normal function, getting you back to the tasks you love quickly and safely.

Neurological Rehabilitation


Don't let your Neurological Condition get the better of you. Specific Neurological Rehabilitation programs are designed to improve function and slow decline.  

Dry Needling


With a thorough assessment, Dry Needling may be a viable treatment option and can be a very effective and successful modality for many aches and pains.  

Respiratory Physiotherapy


Chest physiotherapy is available if you, your GP and physiotherapist believe this will assist you in recovering from recent illness or in managing ongoing chronic respiratory conditions

Aid Prescription & Adjustment


  We can recommend and organise bed, transfer & walking aids for your current situation or adjust your current aids appropriately.

National Disability Insurance Scheme


  We are approved & registered providers of the NDIS & can provide Physiotherapy Supports to you or your family to assist you achieve your aims & goals

Other treatments


Your Physiotherapist will clinically determine through thorough assessment to decide what treatments would be best for your current circumstance or complaint